Intelligent Transport Podcast Episode 25 – Claire Mahoney, Go-Ahead Group

In this latest episode of the Intelligent Transport Podcast, Editorial Assistant Halimah Haque sits down with Claire Mahoney, Head of Colleague Experience at The Go-Ahead Group, to discuss a wide range of topics related to colleague engagement, equity, diversity and inclusion in the transport industry workforce.

Intelligent Transport Podcast Episode 25 - Claire Mahoney, Go-Ahead Group

Beginning the conversation for this episode, Claire Mahoney, Head of Colleague Experience at The Go-Ahead Group, highlights how a shift in customer perspective within the transport sector has had a positive impact on the colleague environment. Claire emphasises that engaged colleagues not only provide better service to customers, but also acknowledges the industry’s growing recognition of the importance of representation and inclusivity.

Then, we delve into some of the complex challenges that the company faces as it works to foster diversity and inclusion in its workforce, with Claire categorising these challenges into three key areas: culture, process and systems, and the business case for change. She highlights the significance of examining workplace culture to ensure a deep understanding of diversity and inclusion, as well as how technology has been harnessed to help company leaders to better comprehend and address micro-aggressions.

In the second half of this episode, we shift our attention to the future as Claire shares her vision for a continued emphasis on helping colleagues to understand the crucial role that they play in the transport industry and the vital contributions that they bring to it. Given the substantial role of the public transport sector in our communities, Claire wishes that Go-Ahead continues to strengthen the sense of pride among its employees by actively recruiting, nurturing and supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Claire Mahoney Go-Ahead GroupClaire Mahoney is Head of Colleague Experience at the Go-Ahead Group, with a remit spanning colleague engagement and equity, diversity and inclusion across Go-Ahead’s bus and rail companies. She has worked within the Go-Ahead Group for 15 years, having spent time in various HR roles at the company’s then subsidiary, Southeastern Railway, before taking her current role within the Group team. Claire works across diverse strategic areas, including understanding and leveraging colleague engagement, developing tools and systems to better inform the colleague experience, and supporting Go Ahead on its journey to create an environment of belonging for all its colleagues.