Intelligent Transport Podcast Episode 23 – Alex Berwin, Forest

In this latest episode of the Intelligent Transport Podcast, Editorial Assistant Halimah Haque sits down with Alex Berwin, Head of Policy at Forest (previously known as HumanForest), to discuss the intricate landscape of sustainable transportation policies, shedding light on the company’s innovative strategies, the challenges it encounters and its mission to provide eco-friendly micro-mobility solutions while adhering to evolving regulatory frameworks.

Forest bikes Intelligent Transport Podcast Episode 23 – Alex Berwin, Forest Bikes

Beginning the conversation for this episode, Alex Berwin, Head of Policy at Forest, provides valuable insight into the multifaceted strategies and challenges that underpin the company’s commitment to fostering environmentally friendly transportation options while navigating the regulatory and competitive dynamics of the micro-mobility market in London. Alex also highlights the unique approaches that Forest employs to differentiate itself within this bustling landscape, emphasising its dedication to sustainability and accessibility. 

Then, delving into the realm of emissions standards within the context of London’s urban landscape, we explore how Forest is addressing and complying with these stringent regulatory requirements. Following this, Alex sheds light on the importance of diversifying the workforce while simultaneously highlighting the company’s commitment to developing and providing services that are not only convenient and efficient, but also accessible for a broad spectrum of users. 

In the second half of this episode, we shift our focus to the future of Forest, as Alex shares his vision for the future of sustainable urban mobility, outlining a roadmap that encompasses the integration of cutting-edge technologies, robust infrastructure expansion and innovative collaborations to steer Forest towards a net zero transport system. Furthermore, Alex underlines the importance of adaptability, scalability and remaining attuned to changing user needs in an ever-evolving environment.

Please note: The recording of this episode took place prior to the official announcement that the company is re-branding from ‘HumanForest’ to ‘Forest’.

Alex Berwin - Forest BikesAlex Berwin boasts a diverse career spanning various companies. Beginning at Hanover Communications as a Researcher from 2013 to 2015, Alex took on roles at Transport for London (TfL), including Customer Experience & Marketing Graduate, Assembly Engagement Manager and Corporate Affairs Manager. This was followed by impactful stints at TIER Mobility as Regional Manager for Greater London and Senior Public Policy Manager, and at FREENOW as Head of Public Affairs (UK) in 2023. Currently, Alex is leading policy initiatives at Forest, where he has been in the role since June 2023.