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Campaign for Better Transport



Gathering widespread support for better public transport

25 April 2012 | By Stephen Joseph OBE, Chief Executive Officer, Campaign for Better Transport

The ‘British experiment’ with public transport has been watched by many in Europe – some with envy, some with a kind of horrified fascination. Deregulation and privatisation of the public transport market has gone further than in any other country – buses outside London were completely deregulated in the 1980s,…


Transportation costs and the impact on the environment

30 March 2009 | By Catt Hobbs, Public Transport Campaigner, Campaign for Better Transport

The cost of taking public transport keeps rising while the costs of driving and flying keep falling. A new approach is needed if we're going to encourage people to make low carbon choices. Government departments are gearing up for the challenge of tackling climate change. The Department for Transport is…