New micromobility association launched in the Nordics

The Nordic Micromobility Association has been launched by Lime, TIER and VOI.

Millions of people across the Nordic countries regularly use e-scooters to travel around their city. However, a new association believes that the true benefits of micromobility will only be delivered if scooter companies continue to provide high-quality services and operate responsibly in transparent partnership with cities.

To deliver on this goal, micromobility companies Lime, Tier and Voi have formed the Nordic Micromobility Association, which will operate in all Nordic countries and promote the highest standards of safety, responsibility and sustainability for the industry.

The association has also said it hopes to encourage competition between operators and strenghten relationships between cities and micromobility businesses.

The Nordic Micromobility Association is non-profit and is open to all responsible electric scooter and micromobility providers. Its goal, it says, is to increase dialogue and cooperation with cities – ensuring sustainable, long term and high quality scooter services for consumers.

This common framework, the association believes, will allow Nordic countries to continue benefiting from the latest innovations in responsible micro-mobility – allowing cities to reduce emissions, become better connected, and improve transport efficiency.