UK project sees EarthSense and Tantalum collaborate to improve air quality

Posted: 6 July 2018 | | No comments yet

Air monitoring sensors are to be sent out across Oxfordshire, collecting data that will report on air quality and vehicle emissions…

air quality

Sniffer van uses air monitoring sensors from EarthSense to collect data

Air quality specialist EarthSense has begun working with Oxfordshire County Council and connected vehicle company Tantalum to gain a better understanding of the impact of road traffic on air quality.

Oxfordshire County Council fleet vehicles are being fitted with EarthSense’s Zephyr air quality measuring sensors. These collect real-time data on both vehicle emissions and the local air quality along the route which can then be used to optimise traffic light control and coordination, in order to manage and mitigate road congestion and pollution.

“We have a special interest in projects that help ensure Oxfordshire is at the forefront of emerging technologies for air quality monitoring and management, especially in relation to traffic emissions,” said Llewelyn Morgan, Service Manager for Infrastructure, Innovation and Development at Oxfordshire County Council. “Working with EarthSense and Tantalum, we will benefit from research already undertaken as well as new data obtained through the use of the EarthSense sensors.”

The data will feed into the County’s work with Oxford City Council as it prepares for its zero emission zone whilst helping Tantalum, who is working alongside Imperial College London, refine traffic emission models within the collaborative Air.Car project.

Tom Hall, Managing Director of EarthSense, added: “It is essential to obtain accurate measurements in order to understand and solve air quality problems. This project will demonstrate how the best available technologies, including the EarthSense Zephyr sensors and services from Air.Car can provide solutions to drive change for improved air quality.”

Using IoT and smart city technology, the Air.Car project will drive a greater understanding of vehicle pollution, while enabling the reduction of environmental impact and vehicle operation costs. Solutions include a clean routing app for taxis as well as smart, fair and affordable enforcement schemes for local authorities such as Oxfordshire.

“This is a major milestone in our project to develop services which will give power to drivers, businesses and government to reduce emissions and clean up our air,” commented Alex Willard, Head of Air.Car. “We are delighted to be working with Oxfordshire County Council and EarthSense to improve our traffic emission models – this will be invaluable in building a service that advises drivers to take routes that will reduce their emissions and exposure to poor air quality.”