FlixBus launches bus services in India

Posted: 6 February 2024 | | No comments yet

FlixBus enters India’s bus travel market, aiming to connect 46 cities with a key focus on safety and technology, setting a new standard for travellers across the country.

FlixBus launches bus services in India

Credit: FlixBus

FlixBus has announced that it has launched in India, aiming to contribute to the country’s bus travel sector. The company’s entry reflects its commitment to offering affordable, sustainable and technologically advanced transportation options to travellers across the nation.

With India holding the position of the world’s second-largest bus market and online bus bookings experiencing notable growth, FlixBus’s decision to introduce its platform aligns with the evolving preferences of Indian travellers, who rely on buses for transportation.

“By bringing FlixBus to India, we are launching in the second-largest bus market in the world and are expanding our network to South Asia, just four months after having expanded to Chile,” said André Schwämmlein, Co-founder and CEO of Flix. “This is a massive step for Flix. We are continuing our profitable growth path and are adding a 43rd country to our portfolio, by rolling out our proven business model that relies on partnerships with local operators. I am confident that Flix will provide Indians with a new travel standard, enabled by technology, that is convenient and reliable and puts road safety at the heart of its offering.”

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Operations are scheduled to begin on 6 February 2024, with FlixBus set to connect 46 Indian cities, focusing on Delhi as a hub and planning further expansion in southern regions. The company has already formed partnerships with five local bus companies in Delhi, demonstrating its adaptability to local market conditions.

Adhering to global standards, FlixBus emphasises road safety in India by employing a dedicated 24/7 traffic control and response team. Each bus, not older than three years, is equipped with advanced safety features and staffed with trained personnel to ensure passenger comfort and security.

FlixBus’s entry into India marks a significant milestone, promising travellers a new standard of bus travel characterised by technology-driven convenience, reliability and safety. As the company aims to establish itself in the Indian market, its commitment to delivering an enhanced travel experience remains steadfast.