Scoot launches in Barcelona with two large electric fleets

Posted: 31 May 2018 | | No comments yet

Currently, Scoot operates more than 700 scooters in San Francisco, serving tens of thousands of riders who have logged nearly 5 million miles and now, the company is expanding into Europe…


Scoot Networks has announced its expansion into Europe with the debut of its multi-modal fleet of 500 electric scooters and 1,000 electric bicycles in Barcelona, Spain.

The company opened its European headquarters in the city and has collaborated with officials to address the needs of commuters in the urban area as well as develop the necessary permits to make the fleets safe and seamless.

“We are excited to bring Scoot to Europe and demonstrate how shared electric vehicles are the most valuable and scalable form of urban mobility,” said Michael Keating, Founder and CEO at Scoot.

As part of the company’s mission to provide electric vehicles for everyone, Scoot is committed to collaborating with the world’s most densely populated cities to explore sustainable mobility options that add value to existing transportation systems.

Scoot’s electric bicycle includes features specific to shared vehicle networks such as the ability to lock to bike racks. In addition, Scoot partnered with Barcelona-based Spanish manufacturer, Silence, to develop the scooter, which features durability, an extended battery range and the ability to carry two passengers comfortably.

“In Europe, most cities have thousands of private cars. By providing multi-modal networks of shared electric vehicles and through collaborative planning with cities, Scoot can transform urban mobility to make cities more liveable and enjoyable,” said Mar Pallas Poy, Vice President of European Expansion at Scoot.

As cities worldwide search for alternative and sustainable last-mile transportation vehicles to control increasing traffic congestion, Scoot tries to offer a safe, scalable solution that provides immediate relief.