CTA expands bus services across Chicago

Posted: 1 April 2024 | | No comments yet

With nearly 30 bus routes enhanced to align with ridership trends and Chicago’s transit needs, the Chicago Transit Authority showcases its commitment to providing efficient, accessible transportation.

CTA announces expansion of bus services across Chicago

In an effort to enhance transit accessibility and accommodate rising ridership demands, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) has announced that it has increased scheduled bus services across the city. This initiative marks a significant stride in the agency’s ongoing commitment to bolster public transportation infrastructure and cater to the evolving needs of commuters throughout the region.

“This new service is a down payment on our commitment to bring service back to pre-pandemic scheduled service levels,” said CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr. “And while this additional service will definitely benefit our customers, our job is not done – we know we have much more work to do, and we’re committed to it.”

Having commenced on 24 March 2024, nearly 30 bus routes have undergone enhancements, aligning with recent ridership trends and the critical role these routes play in Chicago’s transit network. The augmentation primarily targets weekdays, with supplementary Saturday service on select routes such as #77 Belmont and #81 Lawrence.

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The augmentation of scheduled bus services is part of a strategic approach by CTA, leveraging an intensified recruitment and hiring campaign to expand the workforce. This initiative is embedded within the agency’s collective bargaining agreement with the union representing bus employees, ensuring a collaborative effort to fortify transit operations.

Looking ahead, CTA aims to extend improvements to rail services as well, with plans to introduce additional services during peak hours on weekdays along prominent lines including Red, Green, Brown, Purple and the O’Hare Branch of the Blue Line. These enhancements are slated to materialise as new operators complete training and join revenue service.

CTA’s commitment to bolstering its workforce is evident in its proactive hiring strategy, with plans to double the number of newly trained operators compared to 2023. The agency has already made substantial progress, having recruited 1,000 new bus operators in the previous year, inching closer to optimal staffing levels.

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