Beryl releases 2023 Impact Report demonstrating commitment to sustainability

Posted: 11 October 2023 | | No comments yet

Beryl’s Impact Report for 2023 showcases its dedication to sustainability, gender equality and reducing its carbon footprint, all while promoting a ‘hire and share’ model to drive positive change in transportation and society.

Beryl releases 2023 Impact Report demonstrating commitment to sustainability

Credit: Beryl

Beryl has announced that it has unveiled its inaugural Impact Report for 2023, highlighting its remarkable contributions to behavioural change, sustainable operations and improving lives. The comprehensive report underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and its substantial efforts to make a positive impact on the environment and society.

The Beryl Impact Report 2023 showcases the company’s dedication to fostering sustainability as a core element of its mission. One of the standout aspects of this commitment is Beryl’s emphasis on people and places. The company is dedicated to championing gender equality and diversity, with an impressive gender split of one-third female. Equally commendable is the 20% positive pay gap for women, demonstrating its commitment to closing the gender wage gap. Furthermore, 25% of all female employees are actively engaged in company-wide decision-making processes, ensuring diversity and inclusion at all levels.

In addition, the report showcases the company’s success in reducing its own emissions through various projects and operational procedures. Notably, Beryl runs 71.52% of its operations on low-impact renewable energy, significantly lowering its carbon footprint. Gas usage has also been reduced by 89.46%, with biogas replacing traditional gas sources wherever necessary.

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Beyond its environmental efforts, Beryl is also making a significant impact on behavioural change, particularly in the realm of sustainable transport. The company actively promotes a “hire and share” model over traditional “buy and own” approaches, effectively driving circular behaviour in the transport sector and throughout society.

Phil Ellis, CEO and Co-Founder of Beryl, said: “For companies like us, whose entire ethos and long-term strategy are underpinned by sustainability and carbon reduction, it’s important to practice what you preach. Releasing this report shows our commitment, not just as a green transport provider but also as a functioning business, to helping the UK government meet its ambitious aims to reach net zero by 2050. More than that, it also shows how we value people and places and truly believe in the power of sustainable transport to improve lives.”

The release of this Impact Report coincides with global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and align with the Paris Agreement’s long-term goals. Beryl’s commitment to sustainable practices is well aligned with the UK government’s ambitious emissions targets outlined in the Net Zero Strategy: Build Back Greener document.