Malta invests €20 million in new electric buses and charging depot

Posted: 19 September 2023 | | No comments yet

The introduction of Malta Public Transport’s electric buses will significantly reduce emissions, including a 70% cut in greenhouse gases, reduced noise pollution and enhanced energy efficiency.

Malta's €20 million electric bus launch and charging depot marks green transition

Credit: Malta Public Transport

Malta Public Transport has announced that it is investing €20 million in electrifying the country’s public transportation system. As part of this effort, it has inaugurated its cutting-edge electric bus charging depot, as well as introduced 30 brand new, fully electric, zero-emission buses.

Felipe Cosman, Chairman of Malta Public Transport, said: “We are proud to usher in a new era of sustainable public transport in Malta with the launch of our electric buses and charging depot. This significant investment reflects our commitment to providing a greener, more efficient and customer-centric transportation system for our community.”

The Minister for Transport, Infrastructure, and Capital Projects, Minister Aaron Farrugia, said: “The introduction of free public transport for everyone resulted in a large increase in passenger demand. This is why we need to continue working together as the regulator and the operator so that the country gets a service of quality, whilst effecting changes in the routes and frequencies to accommodate the needs of passengers and new demographics. All this while we continue with our commitment to expand with the electrification of the fleet.” 

This historic investment is set to bring about an increase in service frequencies on key routes, leading to reduced waiting times and more available space on buses. Furthermore, it aligns with the agency’s goal of reducing traffic congestion and pollution on the roads by promoting sustainable transportation alternatives.

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The new 12m electric buses are equipped with modern amenities such as accessibility features, air conditioning, USB chargers and free Wi-Fi, enhancing the passenger experience with a quieter and smoother ride. These electric buses are equipped with advanced battery technology, delivering a range of up to 300km on a single charge. Most buses can be charged overnight, ensuring uninterrupted service from morning to evening, with the option for fast charging at the electric bus charging depot during the day.

The introduction of these electric buses will have a profound impact, significantly reducing tailpipe emissions, cutting greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 70%, minimising noise pollution and promoting energy efficiency, resulting in an estimated reduction of 1,800 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year compared to diesel buses.

Moreover, the charging stations offer a wide power range, from 20kWh to 240kWh, thanks to a unique two-socket solution. The 3MW charging system, serving up to 30 buses concurrently, is a pioneering initiative in Malta.

In addition to the electric buses, Malta Public Transport is also piloting an electric minibus to assess its performance on low-demand routes and in village cores, offering a smaller capacity option. This exciting development marks a significant step forward in Malta’s commitment to a greener, more sustainable transportation future.

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