Skånetrafiken upgrades 30-Day ticket to increase public transit ridership

Posted: 11 August 2023 | | No comments yet

In order to incentivise higher ridership on public transportation, Skånetrafiken has revised its 30-Day ticket programme, making substantial changes to enable economical group travel, contingent upon age and travel zone considerations.

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Credit: Skånetrafiken

Skånetrafiken has announced that it has introduced a new enhancement to its 30-day ticket, set to be in effect from 16 August until 31 December 2023. This upgrade allows travellers to bring along two companions under the age of 20 without any extra charges during their trips within the Skåne region.

The modified 30-day ticket aims to offer an improved travel experience, allowing passengers to enjoy the company of friends or family members at no additional cost. The adjustment will automatically apply to those who currently possess the ticket, ensuring a seamless transition to the new arrangement.

This offer is not restricted to specific ticket variations and is open to all holders of 30-day and 365-day tickets. However, Skånetrafiken has established specific conditions for the offer: within the group of travellers, it is permissible for only one person to be aged 20 years or older. In addition, for those in possession of 30-day Öresund or cross-county tickets, the advantage of the offer is accessible solely when traveling within the Skåne region.

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Families utilising the 30-day ticket for children (ages 7–19) can also take advantage of this promotion, provided that all three passengers are below 20 years of age. Furthermore, children below seven years old continue to travel for free with Skånetrafiken.

The 30-day ticket itself provides various advantages, offering unlimited travel within the specified zone for an entire month, all at a fixed rate. The ticket can also be conveniently shared through the app when not in use.

The enhanced 30-day ticket promotion presents a limited-time opportunity for travellers to explore Skåne with companions throughout Autumn 2023.

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