Metlink announces new fares for children and young adults from September 2023

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Metlink’s new fare changes in the Wellington region, starting from 1 September 2023, offer increased accessibility and affordability for children and young adults, promoting sustainable transportation choices.

Metlink announces new fares for children and young adults from September 2023

Credit: Metlink

Metlink has revealed plans to introduce new fares for children and young adults on 1 September 2023, urging eligible passengers to familiarise themselves with the changes and apply in advance. The new fares, a part of the government’s Budget 2023 announcements, will replace the current half-price fares that have been in effect in the Wellington region since 1 April 2022.

Samantha Gain, Group Manager for Metlink, announced that the teams at Metlink and Snapper have been working tirelessly to launch an application website to facilitate the implementation of the new fare changes: “We want to make it as easy as possible for passengers to understand the new fares and apply to have them pre-loaded on their Snapper card, so they get access to the right fares from day one.”

From 1 September 2023:

  • Children under five can continue to travel free without a Snapper card
  • Children aged 5-12 will also enjoy free travel after applying for the new fare on their Snapper card
  • Children aged 13-18 years, as well as secondary school students, will continue to receive a 75% discount on the standard adult fare without any changes required
  • Young adults aged 19-24 years will receive a 50% discount on fares after applying for the new fare on their Snapper card.

However, with the current half-price fares concluding on 1 September, passengers aged over 25 years, who don’t qualify for any other concessions, will revert to paying full price. Nevertheless, passengers using a Snapper card will still enjoy at least a 25% discount compared to cash payments.

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Ferry passengers can access the new fares using all current payment methods. To ensure a smooth transition, Metlink will encourage all Snapper cardholders to utilise the ‘Find your fare type’ tool on the Metlink website by 15 August 2023, and from 26 August, they can apply and pre-load their new fares online.

Thomas Nash, Chair of Greater Wellington’s Transport Committee, said: We are pleased to be able to bring in these new fares at a time when the network is performing much better and cancellations are right down. The new fares will continue to help support family budgets, providing much needed relief against other cost-of-living increases. The fares will also have a positive effect on the environment, encouraging our younger generation to use public transport instead of private vehicles.”

An information campaign and detailed information on the fare changes and application process will be launched on the Metlink website in the coming weeks, ensuring everyone is well-informed about the upcoming changes.

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