Lund city buses to adopt new electric route network

Posted: 28 July 2023 | | No comments yet

Lund, Sweden, is poised for a major transportation revolution as its city buses adopt a new electric route network, in line with the city’s aim to reduce emissions, traffic congestion and noise pollution while enhancing accessibility.

Lund city buses to adopt new electric route network

On 20 August 2023, the City of Lund in Sweden is set to witness a major transformation in its public transportation system as the city buses will begin operating on an innovative electric route network. The decision, approved by the municipal board, will establish Lund C as the central hub for all bus lines, leading to the re-location of bus services from Botulfsplatsen, a move hailed as a significant step towards sustainable urban development.

The new route network, developed through collaboration between Skånetrafiken, Keolis and the municipality of Lund, aims to enhance accessibility while reducing the environmental impact of public transportation. Anders Almgren, Chairman of the Municipal Board, expressed his enthusiasm for the plan, stating that the switch to 100% electric vehicles will not only lower emissions and noise levels but also ease traffic congestion in the city centre without compromising accessibility.

The new route will lead to several changes in Lund’s bus services. All vehicles will now stop at Clemenstorget, while lines 2 and 4 will no longer serve Botulfsplatsen. Instead, four new bus lines will be introduced to serve Botulfsgatan and Stora Södergatan, leading to a 30-50% reduction in city bus traffic in the city centre and surrounding streets. Moreover, the adoption of electric vehicles across all lines will further contribute to a cleaner and quieter environment.

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Deputy Chairman Rasmus Törnblom emphasised that the decision to move buses out of Botulfsplatsen will pave the way for future development of the square as a vibrant space for people and gatherings. Plans are underway to involve residents, traders, property owners and other stakeholders in designing the square’s long-term vision, while short-term utilisation will focus on pop-up activities, events and temporary initiatives.

With Lund C becoming the new central hub, passengers will experience smoother transfers between trains, trams, regional and city buses. Though there will be a slight increase in buses on Bangatan and Spolegatan, there will be fewer vehicles on St Petri church street, Klostergatan, Kyrkogatan and at Stortorget, resulting in a calmer traffic environment that benefits vulnerable road users.

Lund is set to become the first of Skåne’s major cities to operate a fully electric city bus service, replacing all gas-powered buses with spacious and comfortable electric vehicles.