Bolt launches Ireland’s first multimodal e-bike service

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Bolt and Wicklow County Council have launched Ireland’s first multimodal e-bike service in Bray, featuring a gradual roll-out of 50 bikes and strategically placed designated parking locations for user convenience.

Bolt launches Ireland's first multimodal e-bike service

Credit: Bolt

Bolt has announced that it has partnered with Wicklow County Council to launch Ireland’s first multimodal e-bike service in Bray. The shared e-bikes are available at designated locations throughout the town and can be rented by the minute.

With a charge of €0.18 per minute, the service aims to encourage a shift away from private car usage and promote a combination of public transport and shared mobility. The e-bikes have been designed to connect with local Dart stations, facilitating easier access to transportation hubs.

Bolt and Wicklow County Council envision the new service seamlessly integrating into the local transport system and supporting the objectives of the Wicklow County Development Plan 2022-2028, which seeks to promote sustainable transport options. Bike operations and maintenance will be managed from a town center base, and feedback can be shared through the app or via email.

While Bolt offers various services through its app in European cities, this marks the first time a multimodal service of this kind is available in Ireland. The e-bikes now complement Bolt’s existing ride-hailing service in Dublin, providing citizens with a range of transportation options within a single app. For instance, users can ride a bicycle to a public transport hub or destination in Bray and then safely return home by taxi when public transport services have ceased for the night.

The new service operates 24/7 and includes safety measures to ensure responsible riding. Between 23:00 and 05:00, riders are required to pass an in-app cognitive reaction test to demonstrate their fitness for cycling. If a customer fails the test, they are encouraged to use alternative modes of transport like Bolt taxis or public transportation.

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To ensure a smooth integration into the community, the roll-out of the bikes will be gradual, starting with 50 bicycles and scaling up to 100 based on feedback and demand. The bikes will be stationed at designated parking locations, both on public and private property, with instructions provided through the app and physical signage. The locations have been chosen to be convenient while minimising disruption, including areas near Shoreline Leisure Bray, Pettitts-SuperValu on the Southern Cross, Ballymore lands on the Dublin Road and Bray’s Dart station. 

In addition, for those unfamiliar with e-bikes, a “Beginner Mode” is available, limiting the top speed to 15km/h. Once deactivated, the bikes can reach a maximum speed of 25km/h.

Bolt Operations Manager for Rentals in Ireland, John Buckley, said: “Bolt has seen rapid traction in e-bike schemes across a range of Irish cities, driven by strategic parking collaborations and affordable pricing. We’re thrilled to launch our electric bike service in Bray.”

Emer O’Gorman, Chief Executive of Wicklow County Council, said: “I welcome this low-carbon, sustainable e-bike scheme which will provide a vital transport option to the community of Bray. The initiative is a significant step forward towards fulfilling yet another commitment under our programme for Climate Action. Bray is an ideal town for this initiative and hopefully it will encourage more people to cycle over short trips and connect with DART and bus services in the town.”

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