NTA proposes Galway’s bus network re-design for increased services

Posted: 27 April 2023 | | No comments yet

With a simplified fare system and 24-hour service, NTA’s proposed changes to Galway’s public transport system aim to increase accessibility and reduce reliance on private cars.

NTA Published the draft new bus network for Galway

Credit: National Transport Authority

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has released its new draft  bus network plan for Galway, as part of the BusConnects Galway initiative, which aims to transform the city’s public transport system.

The proposed plan includes an increase of almost 50% in bus services to Galway city, Bearna and Oranmore, enabling the extension of bus services to new areas, more frequent routes, an enhanced weekend timetable and a new 24-hour service. The 24-hour service, known as Route 9, will run from Knocknacarra through the city centre to Doughiska and Parkmore, with three proposed routes operating every 15 minutes or better.

Furthermore, the new plan would allow more residents of the city and suburbs to access the public transport network. In addition, more people would be located within a 400m walk of a bus stop, up from 62% to 67% currently. The new routes in the draft new bus network would serve the city centre with more routes running cross-city, and the main point of interchange located at Eyre Square, facilitating cross-city commuting.

The draft plan also includes a simplified fare system, allowing for seamless interchange between urban bus services within a 90-minute period without extra cost. NTA had developed the plan collaboratively with the City and County Councils and local bus operators, facilitated by network design experts.

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The consultation period for the draft new network will run for six weeks, with public information events scheduled from 16 May to 18 May 2023. An online consultation process will also be available to allow members of the public to provide their feedback on the proposals. The re-design will be finalised in the coming months, with the new network set to be launched from 2025.

Hugh Creegan, Deputy CEO of the NTA, said: “Through BusConnects Galway, we want to make it easier for people to get around by reducing congestion, and to make the city more attractive for people who live, work, invest in or visit Galway. The re-design of the bus network is one of the main pillars of BusConnects Galway. By giving the people of Galway a viable alternative to the car, we can encourage the shift towards more sustainable transport modes. With a new 24-hour bus route and a large increase in bus services in the city as well as Bearna and Oranmore, we can connect communities and help create a more sustainable city.”

Brendan McGrath, CEO of Galway City Council, said: “As Galway city and its environs continue to grow, it is crucial that we put in place a public transport network that underpins a thriving city and accelerates our journey to a net zero future. That’s why we’re delighted to support the NTA in the development of the draft new bus network for Galway. A 50% increase in bus services in Galway would incentivise people to make the move from the car to public transport.”