nextbike’s Veturilo to revolutionise Warsaw’s bike-sharing system

Posted: 6 March 2023 | | No comments yet

nextbike’s Veturilo 3.0 will transform Warsaw’s bike-sharing system with a modernised and expanded fleet of more than 3,000 bicycles, including e-bikes and tandem bikes, and 1,500 virtual stations.

Nextbike's Veturilo 3.0 Revolutionizes Warsaw's Bike-Sharing System

Credit: nextbike

nextbike has announced that it has fully re-launched European bike-sharing system, Veturilo, ahead of the cycling season. For 10 years, nextbike has been operating the scheme in the Polish capital, with the Warsaw system having seen more than four million bike rides in 2022.

As such, in summer 2022, nextbike’s service had been rewarded and the company had won the regular re-tender for the bike-sharing system.

As part of the tender, Veturilo 3.0 had been re-launched on 1 March 2023, just in time for the cycling season and will offer users a modernised service on all levels. The system includes more than 3,000 new bicycles with electronic frame locks that can be located via GPS, including around 300 e-bikes.

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Furthermore, a special highlight includes the addition of 30 tandem bikes. These bikes can be easily located and rented via the app that has been specifically developed for this service. In addition, the 300 fixed stations in all 18 districts of Warsaw have been supplemented by 1,500 virtual stations for renting and returning bikes. This gives users a new level of flexibility and makes the sustainable mobility offer easier to access.

On behalf of the City of Warsaw, nextbike is providing the modern bike-sharing system for the next six years, with an option to further expand the fleet to 5,500 bikes. In parallel to the existing 300, the urban districts can install further stations that are to be used multimodally, in order to push the linking with bus and train and to ensure well connected mobility for individuals.