New campaign launched to encourage young people to use free bus travel across Scotland

Posted: 21 September 2022 | | No comments yet

With over 21 million free journeys having been made since January 2022, the Scottish government’s new marketing campaign will encourage more young people under the age of 22 to make use of free bus travel.

New campaign encourages more people to choose bus travel in Scotland

Credit: Transport Scotland

Transport Scotland has announced that the Scottish government has launched a new marketing campaign to encourage more people under the age of 22 to take up free bus travel.

With over 21 million free journeys having been made since January 2022, the Scottish government and partners will now promote the scheme more widely. Across TV, digital, radio and outdoor channels, the new campaign will promote the benefits of free bus travel to those that may not have considered choosing bus before.

Transport Scotland announces free bus travel for under 22s

Minister for Transport Jenny Gilruth said: “With over 21 million free bus journeys made by under 22s across Scotland, this landmark policy is already helping young people and families with children cut costs for everyday and leisure travel, while at the same time protecting our climate. With the majority of eligible young people now having access to free bus travel all across Scotland, for local journeys and trips further afield, now is the time to begin a new campaign aimed at those who may not have considered using the bus before. Free bus travel helps with transport affordability, it helps our young people access education and leisure destinations – all while helping us meet our net zero targets by encouraging a shift away from cars.”

Chief Executive of Young Scot Kirsten Urquhart said: “Nationwide bus travel for under 22 year-olds not only supports young people to make travel choices that benefit them and their pockets – even more pertinent in the emerging cost crisis – but provides a way for them to experience new places, access a wider range of opportunities, and have fun. Hearing from so many young people about the benefits of using the Young Scot National Entitlement Card to make free journeys is uplifting and I hope this new campaign will continue to encourage more under 22s to sign up.”