New technologies enable SARTA to go paperless in January 2023

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In addition to making bus travel more convenient for SARTA customers, the new contactless payment options will reduce overtime and maintenance costs, as well as increase operational efficiencies.

New technologies enable SARTA to go paperless in January 2023

Credit: Stark Area Regional Transit Authority

The Stark Regional Transit Authority (SARTA) has announced that it will no longer accept paper tickets and passes after 31 December 2022, as paper tickets will be replaces with more modern methods of payment that make it faster, easier and more convenient for riders to purchase and utilise bus transportation.

Eliminating paper tickets and passes is expected to result in less downtime, a reduction in overtime and maintenance costs, the elimination of supply chain paper delivery delays and increased operational efficiencies. The move is also in line with trends in the transport industry to move toward contactless payment options for riders.

The reloadable SARTA SCORE Card is a plastic tap card designed for repeated use. The SCORE acronym stands for Secure, Convenient, Orderly, Reloadable and Economical. On the other hand, the SARTA Touch Down Card is made of heavy laminated paper, so is not reloadable and is intended for passengers who travel less frequently. All transfers will be electronically embedded in SARTA tap cards.

Roundtable: Ensuring an optimum payment experience for public transport users

Beginning 1 January 2023, riders will only be able to use the SARTA Score Card, SARTA Touch Down Card, SARTA EZFare App and cash to pay for their bus transportation. The transit authority has advised customers to use the exact change when making payments using cash, as change will not be given on any SARTA vehicles of transit centres if the amount given is greater than the fare amount.

“These payment options provide a secure and fast way to travel throughout Stark County,” said SARTA CEO Kirt Conrad. “We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the transportation experience for SARTA riders. Embracing modern technology like smart cards certainly contributes to a better overall experience.”

While the transit authority has always accepted cash and the EZFare App has been an option for several years, the SARTA SCORE Card had been launched in July 2022 and the SARTA Touch Down card will be launched in late 2022.

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