EMT Madrid achieves electrification goals for 2022

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With EMT Madrid’s latest addition of electric buses, the Spanish capital now has the most electrified lines in the country, behind Berlin in Europe.

EMT Madrid

Credit: EMT Madrid

The Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid (EMT Madrid) has announced that it has reached its goal of electrification in 2022 with the addition of four more municipal lines to its 100 per cent electric bus network.

With this latest addition of electric vehicles, the municipal authority has already electrified five lines in 2022, bringing its zero emissions bus routes to a total of 19. This makes the Spanish capital the city with the most electrified lines in the country and the second in Europe, behind Berlin.

Borja Carabante, Delegate for the Environment and Mobility, accompanied by EMT Manager Alfonso Sánchez Vicente, has confirmed the operation of the service from the head of line 6, which covers the Jacinto Benavente-Usera route. Carabante explained that during June 2022, EMT completed the incorporation of 40 12m long electric buses to lines 6, 60, 119 and 247.

EMT Madrid announces acquisition of 150 electric buses

In line with the Madrid 360 Environmental Sustainability Strategy, the Madrid City Council maintains a firm commitment to the gradual electrification of the municipal fleet. The EMT Strategic Plan, which provides for an investment of more than one billion euros, sets the goal of reaching 25 per cent of the electric fleet in 2025.

In May 2021, EMT Madrid was awarded the largest purchase of electric buses to date – 150 vehicles, for a total of €81 million euros, partly financed by Next Generation funds (€41.2 million for the acquisition of 206 electric buses until 2023). With this award, EMT Madrid will have 190 electric buses by the end of 2022 and 329 by the end of 2023.

The Strategic Plan also includes ambitious infrastructure projects to advance electrification, such as the transformation of the current facilities of the La Elipa Operations Center into a reference centre to house a 100 per cent electric fleet. This enclosure will have a capacity of up to 318 electric buses and will have a large photovoltaic installation that will be a benchmark for energy efficiency at the national level.

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