NJ TRANSIT launches new technology to enhance accessibility on transit services

Posted: 13 May 2022 | | No comments yet

The two new technology-focused initiatives will improve accessibility on NJ TRANSIT for neurodiverse customers and those with mobility constraints, by helping customers to navigate everyday travel experiences.

NJ TRANSIT launches technology to enhance accessibility on transit services

NJ TRANSIT has announced the launch of two new technology-focused initiatives to help customers navigate travel on its transit system as safely and efficiently as possible. The advancements include efforts aimed at improving accessibility on NJ TRANSIT for neurodiverse customers, as well as those with mobility constraints.

Through its partnership with Magnusmode, NJ TRANSIT will assist autistic and neurodiverse customers with the help of MagnusCards, a free mobile app that combines the instructions of an autism education specialist with real-world images that can aid anyone who may need extra guidance to navigate everyday travel experiences.

“NJ TRANSIT’s commitment to this effort is greatly appreciated by the people of New Jersey, and I appreciate their focus on inclusive mass transportation,” said NJ State Assemblyman and Assembly Transportation Committee Chair Daniel R. Benson.

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“These new tech-focused initiatives will significantly increase accessible public transportation options for those who may not be using the system today,” said NJ TRANSIT President and CEO Kevin S. Corbett. “NJ TRANSIT is committed to maximising access to public transportation for all New Jerseyans, and these enhancements will help us fulfil that commitment.”

Furthermore, the transit corporation has also updated its accessibility-related website content and user experience. The webpage features a new overview video about its many services and features that make it accessible and inviting to all individuals, as well as easy-to-use links to specific information and informational videos, which are captioned in six languages in addition to English. Funded by the Federal Transit Administration’s Access and Mobility Partnership Grants programme, the videos cover several topics including information about vehicle and station accessibility, the Reduced Fare Program, community transportation services and NJ TRANSIT’s Access Link paratransit service.

These initiatives along with others still in progress, all help NJ TRANSIT achieve its goal of offering its customers an efficient, safe, inclusive and effective way to travel.

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