Dott arrives in the Netherlands with shared e-bike launches in two eastern cities

Posted: 27 April 2022 | | No comments yet

Dott’s shared e-bikes will allow Amersfoort and Enschede’s residents to sustainably travel around the city without having to worry about vehicle purchase, maintenance and service costs.

Dott launches its shared e-bikes in the Netherlands

Credit: Dott

Dutch micro-mobility company Dott has announced the introduction of its shared e-bike services in two cities in the east of the Netherlands. The e-bikes are now available in Amersfoort and, in the coming weeks, they will also arrive in Enschede, unlocking both cities with a reliable service, helping to create fresher air and less congestion for residents and freeing riders from the inconvenience of owning and maintaining their own vehicles.

With speeds up to 25km/h, Dott’s e-bikes provide an efficient way to move across a city, free from congestion and without causing pollution. The launch in the Netherlands follows other leading European cities including Paris, Rome, Milan, Brussels and Cologne, among others.

The distinctive design – fitted with lights, reflectors and a basket – has been created to provide a safe and comfortable journey that improves upon the familiar experience of riding a bike.

Parking will be set up with recommended parking zones across both cities, in line with regulations. In order to help maintain tidy streets and ensure considerate integration, the company has identified and mapped suitable bike racks which can be used to park Dott’s shared e-bikes. These spaces will be highlighted as suggested parking areas to riders.

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Sven Jaspers, Dott’s General Manager for the Netherlands, said: “Our e-bikes offer a great way for people to travel around their cities sustainably. With a shared fleet of e-bikes, we can help to free our cities from the congestion of unused vehicles, and free riders of the hassle of owning their own vehicle. With Dott handling the purchase cost, maintenance, punctures and service, riders are free to enjoy the journey and get on with their day.”

The micro-mobility company is working to reuse, upcycle or recycle 100 per cent of used vehicles and parts, and aims to exceed a five-year lifespan for its vehicles. Dott is targeting a 100 per cent electric logistics fleet and renewable energy in all its cities. The service is designed to be as accessible as possible, and the company works closely with local communities, aiming for equal coverage across the areas that it serves and partnering with local organisations to help improve the cities in which it operates.