Dott launches new e-bikes in Cologne, Germany

Posted: 26 November 2021 | | No comments yet

Following the launch in Cologne, Dott’s new e-bikes are also set to soon be introduced in Milan, Brussels and London, offering users an environmentally friendly mobility solution.

Dott launches new e-bikes in Cologne, Germany

Credit: Dott

Dott, the European micro-mobility company, has unveiled its brand new e-bikes, the first of which are now available on the streets of Cologne, Germany.

By the end of 2021, 1,200 e-bikes will be in use in the city and several thousand across Europe. This new offer makes it easier for more people to choose the type of environmentally friendly mobility that is best for them with a single app.

Dott’s e-bikes are designed to make the world’s cities even more liveable and to help more people to get from A to B in the most efficient way. Free from the restrictions of road traffic and without pollution, e-bikes offer a pleasant way to enjoy the sights of the city and to move around in the fresh air. The distinctive design – with lights, reflectors and a basket – is designed to provide a safe and comfortable ride that enhances the familiar experience of cycling.

In addition to the market launch in Cologne, the e-bikes will soon also be available in Milan, Brussels and London, along with other European cities. By expanding Dott’s activities beyond e-scooters, more people will be encouraged to switch to sustainable mobility.

Maxim Romain, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder at Dott, said: “We are committed to making our cities breathe a sigh of relief with clean rides for everyone. The introduction of our e-bikes now marks an evolution of our business. We hope that we encourage more people to do move around in an environmentally friendly way, helping to make our streets less congested and more pleasant places.”

With speeds of up to 25 km/h, Dott’s e-bikes are an efficient means of transport. Parking will be allowed in many areas of the city, giving riders more flexibility to easily find an e-bike and end their ride near their destination.

The prices for e-bikes will be the same as for Dott’s e-scooters. To reduce costs for regular users, passes are available that can be combined with both modes of transport, so that users can always choose the most suitable vehicle for them – seamlessly via a single app.

Dott’s e-bikes are operated according to the same model as the existing e-scooter fleet. Repairs, maintenance and logistics are carried out in-house by specialists in Dott’s warehouses to ensure safety, reliability and quality. The vehicles are designed to last and are repaired if necessary. All parts that cannot be reused are recycled.

Dott’s vehicles are compact, quiet and emission-free, making them a clean alternative for getting around in cities. Dott is a carbon neutral company that continuously monitors its impact on the environment and works to reduce emissions throughout the product life cycle, including manufacture, operation and end of life.