Bolt, TIER and Voi awarded Oslo e-scooter tender

Posted: 5 April 2022 | | No comments yet

As part of the tender, Bolt, TIER Mobility and Voi Technology will each provide over 2,000 of their e-scooters across the Norwegian capital for a one-year period.

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Oslo municipality has announced that Bolt, TIER Mobility and Voi Technology have been awarded the tender to provide shared e-scooter services in the Norwegian capital.

In total, 12 companies participated in the tender to operate e-scooters in Oslo, with Voi Technology coming first in the tender round. Now, the three chosen operators will be allowed to supply over 2,000 vehicles each from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023.

TIER first launched its e-scooters in Oslo in 2019, while both Bolt and Voi have operated their e-scooters in the city for over two years. This renewed recognition from the municipality to provide e-scooters for all residents in the city supports the micro-mobility operators’ visions to create better cities for living, free from congestion and pollution.

In 2021, TIER delivered more than two million trips for more than 450,000 unique users in Norway, and continues to ensure safe riding with free helmets and new technology. Morten Askeland, Country Manager at TIER Norway, said: “After TIER’s success in the Trondheim tender [in late March 2022], we are incredibly proud to be selected by Oslo following a highly competitive and rigorous procurement process. The Norwegian capital is at the forefront of regulations and has rightly set strict requirements. We must now continue to deliver on our promise of safety, order and sustainability for the good of Oslo residents and visitors.”

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Bolt will operate its newest Bolt 5 scooter model in Oslo, which has been optimised for safety, sustainability and user experience. The model is easy to manoeuvre, has an exceptionally long range of 55km, is produced from 100 per cent aluminium and has a long lifespan of up to five years. Dmitri Pivovarov, Vice President for Rentals at Bolt, said: “We are grateful to the city of Oslo for the ongoing trust shown in Bolt, and we look forward to continuing our work together to shape sustainable micro-mobility habits in the years to come. At Bolt, we’re committed to being a reliable partner that cities can work with to help make the urban areas more people-friendly by offering alternatives to driving a private car, leading to better air quality and less congestion.”

Through this contract, Voi aims to deliver a safe, accessible and sustainable e-scooter service in Oslo. Focusing on both riders and non-riders, it offers the city state-of-the-art technology and best practice in reusing and recycling. Collaboration with local stakeholders has also been central to its commitment to the Oslo municipality; one example of this is Voi’s recent collaboration with Norges Blindeforbund, an association for the visually impaired. Christina Moe Gjerde, General Manager of Nordics at Voi, said: “We are proud that the municipality has trust in us and we look forward to delivering on what we have promised. Through local co-operation, development of parking solutions, as well as the launch of our new Voiager 5 e-scooter model, we want to contribute to a safe and accessible city for all.”