Bermuda receives first zero-emission electric buses

Posted: 18 February 2022 | | No comments yet

The arrival of the first 10 of 30 new electric buses in Bermuda signifies an important milestone in Bermuda’s efforts to deliver a cleaner, more resilient future for its residents and visitors.

Bermuda receives first zero-emission electric buses

Credit: Government of Bermuda

On 16 February 2022, the Minister of Transport for Bermuda, Lawrence Scott, announced the arrival of the British territory’s first electric buses. 

During a press conference, Scott said: “Today marks a huge step forward to steering Bermuda toward a cleaner, more resilient future. The electrification of the public bus fleet represents a transformational change that will go a long way in developing an environmentally friendly and sustainable future for Bermuda.”

“The new buses are appropriately sized for our roads, with low floors and kneeling suspension for ease of access. We know that these buses will significantly reduce cost by 50 per cent as compared to our existing diesel buses. In addition, the electric buses will improve air quality and even eliminate roadside emissions associated with diesel buses. With this delivery, Bermuda is now one of the leaders in the Caribbean’s transition to electric public transportation,” he added.

Scott continued: “The additional 20 buses will arrive in two shipments on 28 March and 4 April 2022. Over the coming weeks, the buses will be licensed and outfitted with equipment in preparation for service. Representatives from the manufacturer, the Golden Dragon Bus Company, will be on the island for three months, from March through May 2022, to support the commissioning of the buses and staff training. The new buses will enter into service between March and April 2022.”

During the same press conference, Edward David Burt, the Premier of Bermuda, said: “Within the government’s Economic Recovery plan, we committed to ensuring a sustainable transportation infrastructure that is safe for the environment. Additionally, in the Economic Recovery Plan, as well as our 2020 Election Platform, we committed to introducing an electric charging infrastructure to Bermuda, beginning with the installation of an Electric Bus Charging Facility at the Department of Public Transportation’s Fort Langton, Devonshire Facility to support the operation of new electric buses.”

“I am delighted that, with the arrival of these 30 new electric buses, we have taken a further step toward cleaner and more environmentally friendly transportation for Bermuda. With temporary charging stations in place throughout the island, as the work to complete the long-term charging at Fort Langton progresses. These cleaner and quieter additions to our fleet will provide easier access, with lower flooring, and life-cycle costs to maintain them 50 per cent lower than traditional buses. Ultimately, the new buses will improve the passenger experience for locals and visitors, and will provide a safer work environment for the Department of Public Transportation staff thanks to improved air quality.”