Neuron reinforces helmet safety as new report underlines e-scooter risks

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Following an Imperial College London report, which found that 56 per cent of e-scooter accidents caused injury to the forehead, Neuron Mobility is encouraging all of its riders to use helmets when riding e-scooters.

Neuron reinforces helmet safety as new report underlines e-scooter risks

Neuron Mobility is reinforcing the importance of greater education and incentives to increase helmet use, following a new report by Imperial College London’s Dyson School of Design Engineering – published on 26 January 2022 – that highlighted the importance of wearing helmets when using an e-scooter. The report, which includes computer-simulated crash testing, has revealed that helmet use can help to prevent a majority of head injuries when riding an e-scooter.

By simulating e-scooter crashes, researchers found that 56 per cent of impacts from falls were to the forehead and the rest of the skull. Separate UK polling, commissioned by Neuron Mobility, further highlights the importance of helmets for rider safety, as it found that eight out of 10 people in the UK think that more needs to be done to encourage helmet use and over half believe that helmets should be mandatory for e-scooter riders.

The polling investigated the perceptions of helmet safety and awareness of the rules around helmet use and included over 2,000 respondents across the UK. While 83 per cent think that it is important for e-scooter riders to use a helmet to protect themselves, seven out of 10 people claim that they would regularly choose to wear one if provided by an e-scooter company.

Across the country, there was a strong demand for more to be done to promote helmet use, with 59 per cent believing that e-scooter helmets should be made mandatory in the UK, 68 per cent believing that e-scooter operators should provide riders with helmets and 23 per cent thinking that more incentives are required in order to promote safe riding and helmet use.

Views on helmet wearing were found to vary from region to region, with people in the Northeast being the most likely to say that they would wear a helmet at 74 per cent, compared to 64 per cent of people in London and just 58 per cent of people in the Northwest.

Riders in Newcastle and Sunderland have been found to be the most safety conscious in the UK, with 94 per cent believing that it is important for e-scooter riders to wear a helmet, compared to the UK as a whole with 83 per cent.

“Safety is at the heart of everything that we do at Neuron, and helmets are the single most important way for riders to protect themselves. That is why we were the UK’s first e-scooter operator to provide integrated helmets on all of our e-scooters,” said George Symes, UK Regional Manager at Neuron Mobility. “Although they are not mandatory in the UK, we strongly encourage all of our riders to use them.”

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