Dott to introduce its e-bike sharing service in Marseille, France

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From 30 January 2022, 1,000 of Dott’s shared e-bikes will be available for use in Marseille, offering users an environmentally friendly way of moving around the city.

Dott to introduce its e-bike sharing service in Marseille, France

Credit: Dott

Dott, the European micro-mobility company, has announced that it has won a competitive tendering to introduce its e-bike sharing service in the city of Marseille, France.

With this new city, Dott will be the only micro-mobility provider that is present in the three largest cities in France (Marseille, Lyon and Paris). 

From 30 January 2022, 1,000 shared e-bikes will be available in Marseille, providing an efficient way to move across a city, free from congestion and without causing pollution.

Henri Moisinnac and Maxim Romain, Co-Founders of Dott, said: “We are happy and very proud of this decision. Thank you to the City of Marseille for its trust in our expertise, we are looking forward to bringing Marseillais a quality, accessible and reliable service.  This decision recognises ‘the Dott system’, which we have used since Dott’s creation: we are a mobility operator, not a digital platform. We operate the service ourselves everyday, with our own teams, who are all colleagues and company shareholders. We are responsible, reliable and always seeking environmental excellence.”

This news follows a range of e-bike successes for the company. In October 2021, Dott launched its e-bikes in Paris, with 3,000 e-bikes in operation in the French city by the end of 2021. Additionally, in November 2021, the company also launched its e-bikes on the streets of Cologne, Germany, with 1,200 e-bikes in use in the city by the end of 2021.

Following these launches, Dott’s e-bikes will soon be available in Rome, Milan, Brussels and London, as the company expands its operations beyond e-scooters to encourage more people to switch to sustainable travel. 

By introducing its e-bikes and e-scooters in cities across Europe, Dott is ultimately making it easier for more people to choose the type of environmentally friendly mobility that is best for them with a single app. 

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