Dubai’s RTA announces zero-emissions plan

Posted: 1 June 2021 | | No comments yet

Dubai’s RTA has backed a plan drawn up to significantly cut emissions from public transport in the UAE city, as the country looks to meet climate goals in the coming years.

Dubai's RTA achieved 'highest rates of energy savings' in 2019

The plan hopes to achieve zero-emissions from public transport in Dubai by 2050

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has endorsed a long-term plan to have zero emissions public transport in Dubai by 2050. As such, it becomes the first government body in the MENA region to map out such a comprehensive plan for public transport and related infrastructure.

“RTA is making continued efforts to plan for sustainable and environmental-friendly public transport and integrate it as part of its strategic plans as reflected in its Strategic Goal: Safety and Environmental Sustainability,” said Nasir Bu Shehab, CEO of Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector, RTA.  

“The plan also supports the commitment of the UAE to the Paris Agreement On Climate Change to reduce the emissions in the UAE by 23.5 per cent by 2030,”

“The highlights of the plan include broadening the use of electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles and buses in the fleets of public transport, school buses, taxis and limousines to reach the targeted 100 per cent rate by 2050,” added Bu Shehab.

“It also calls for widening the use of clean energy, such as solar power, in the premises and facilities of the RTA, rehabilitation of existing buildings, and introducing the construction of almost emission-free buildings in all new projects.

“The roadmap of the plan, which is benchmarked against the best practices in New York, Denmark, UK, France and Japan is based on three strategic pillars: Green Mobility, Infrastructure, and Circular Economy. The plan estimates a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by eight million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent and saving about three billion dirhams by 2050.”

The RTA has been making strides to improve its transport network in recent weeks, signing an MoU to promote autonomous vehicles as well as making an agreement with finance firm Visa to improve the city’s ticketing system and make it easier for passengers to pay for travel.