Transport for the North using open data to increase passenger information

Posted: 29 April 2021 | | No comments yet

Transport for the North is working with journey planning app Citymapper to provide passengers with more up to date information on travel disruptions.

RTC passengers can see how busy their bus is

Transport for the North’s (TfN) work to provide the passengers in the North of England with better travel information has taken a leap forward as a result of the authority’s collaboration with journey-planning app Citymapper.

The app, used in London and increasingly across the North, is now using an open-data tool facilitated by TfN to make information on services and any disruptions on bus, tram and ferry services available as open data. TfN says this integration with Citymapper means people can access much clearer, up-to-date information about their journey via their mobile devices. As a result, thousands of passengers can now make more informed choices about how they travel.

It is currently being used in Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region, Sheffield City Region, the Transport North East area and West Yorkshire.

“With the disruption messaging now integrated with Citymapper, it’s yet another step in ensuring people in the North are able to make the right decision, at the right time, about how they travel,” said Richard Mason, Information Strategy Manager at Transport for the North.

“Our mission has always been to make life better for the people of the North – whether that’s long-term infrastructure projects such as Northern Powerhouse Rail, or making sure public transport is more inclusive and accessible. This latest move puts more live information in the hands of passengers, as a first step in our city regions, to plan their journeys with more confidence when they step out the door.”

“Covering transport disruptions is a critically important aspect of what we do. We are delighted to have been able to work with Transport for the North to ensure travellers across the North have the latest information, allowing them to make informed decisions when making their journeys,” added Harvey Tims, City Operations Lead, UK and Ireland at Citymapper.

TfN says the integration of disruption messaging as part of open data access will provide definitive information for journey-planning app providers and other open-data innovators to deliver to passengers. The data will offer operators new insights about the public transport network. For passengers, it will help make journey planning an easier and more accessible experience, with TfN hoping it encourages a modal shift away from private cars.