All-in-one MaaS app launches in Israel for the first time

Posted: 18 December 2020 | | No comments yet

Passengers using Israel’s buses and trains will be able to pay for multiple trips using just one app from now on.

buses in Israel will be included on the new app

Passenegers will pay for their trips by scanning QR codes fitted to all Israeli buses.

For the first time in Israel, public transport passengers will be able to enjoy a comprehensive Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) experience – public transit information, travel planning and easy mobile payment – all in one app.

Moovit and Pango have teamed up to provide a solution that they say improves the payment and travel experience for passengers.

According to transport authorities in Israel, passengers will be able to pay for public transit tickets via the Moovit app, without having to buy and top up a Rav Kav card in advance, and fear losing or forgetting it. This mobile payment solution will be available on all buses in Israel, and starting on 1 February, it will also be available on Israel Railways and the Carmelit in Haifa.

Moovit says the app will calculate passenger’s trips at the end of every month and charge them retroactively according to the most economical fare combination. The fare for each trip is calculated according to a new formula set by the Ministry of Transport. It calculates the cost of the trip based on the travel distance travelled between six zones, with a daily spending cap and a discount on a monthly spending cap. Those entitled to reduced rates, such as youth, students, senior citizens and the disabled, will continue to enjoy them, by submitting an application for the discount on the app.

Beyond this new mobile payment and ticketing solution, Moovit says it will continue to provide public and shared transport information on all travel routes in Israel, as well as multimodal routes including taxis, bicycles, shared scooters, carpools and more. Pango’s role in this solution is to provide the technology for user accounts and payment clearing.

After registering on the app, users can launch Moovit when boarding a bus and select the “Validate” option. The phone’s camera will be activated in order to scan a QR code sticker located near the doors of all buses in Israel. After scanning, passengers should elect a destination station or travel distance, tap confirm, and the validation screen will appear. This will be presented to the driver or a ticket inspector upon request.

“The launch of mobile payment in Moovit is an important milestone for public transportation in Israel”, said Yovav Meydad, Moovit’s Chief Growth and Marketing Officer.

“From our vast global experience, we know that making transport more accessible, as part of Mobility-as-a-Service, increases riders’ satisfaction and ultimately their loyal ridership.”