Lime reaches 150 million rides milestone

Posted: 1 July 2020 |

Lime has reportedly saved 1.3 million gallons of fuel, which is equivalent to approximately 100,000 full tanks of fuel for an average car.

Lime reaches 150 million rides milestone

Micromobility firm Lime has announced that it recently reached the milestone of passing more than 150 million rides globally. In a blog post, the scooter and bike rental company stated that the milestone is testament to the millions of riders, hundreds of employees, and more than 100 city partners who have embraced this “safer and more sustainable mode of transportation”.

As cities around the world are reopening following COVID-19 lockdowns, Lime has said that it is committed to helping people rethink their rides, from commuting to seeing friends and family, by implementing new safety procedures and providing access to affordable modes of transportation.

Lime operates in 30 countries, with initiatives like Lime Hero designed to help riders support local causes, or Lime Aid providing transportation for essential workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Lime also stated that each one of these 150 million rides were powered with 100 per cent renewable energy, which is said to translate to 32 million miles of car travel, equivalent to riding a Lime bike or scooter around the globe – more than 1,200 times. 

“We believe micromobility has the potential to change the world by providing safer, more affordable, more sustainable transportation options for all – especially as the world as we know it changes. So while we’re proud to have reached this milestone, we’re committed to looking to the future, helping people and cities rethink their rides, and to the even greater impact the next 150 million rides will have,” the blog post read.