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Littlepay is a transit-focused PSP, providing a cloud-based payment processing platform for contactless EMV ticketing. Its modular, API-based payments platform plugs-and-plays with pre-integrated, ‘Littlepay Ready’ validators, back offices, payment gateways and acquiring banks – giving transit agencies a fast, flexible route to contactless payment acceptance.

Littlepay provides a merchant portal, Littlepay Control, which transit agencies can use to track transactions, configure fare rules (capping, discounts), manage customer service (refunds, corrections), analyze product and payment channel performance, and generate reports.

In the cloud, Littlepay’s back office manages tap aggregation, fare adjustments, deny list management and automatic debt recovery. For more complex fare calculations and synchronization with other fare systems, an external back office can be integrated.

Built from the ground up for public transit, Littlepay’s payment infrastructure handles the complexities of micropayments in the transit and mobility space. PCI-Level 1 certified, the system offers robust security and compliance with card schemes’ rules for transit.

Littlepay is already working with 250+ transit providers of all sizes to deliver contactless ticketing systems – from small, regional operators to multi-modal, city-wide networks and national rollouts. With multiple regional and local acquiring options, Littlepay serves a global market.