Simplicity is at the heart of Littlepay. Our payment gateway gives transit operators and agencies an effortless journey to contactless EMV. 

Using a tap-to-pay solution powered by Littlepay passengers can pay for journeys with a contactless EMV card or digital wallet. Fast, frictionless payment enhances their travel experience. 

Our modular, scalable and device agnostic platform fits into most payment ecosystems. There’s no upfront capital commitment, no vendor lock-in and deployment can be speedy.

Our technology delivers seamless payment journeys from the get-go, along with operational efficiencies and valuable insights into purchasing and travelling behaviour.

At the close of 2019, Littlepay reached a milestone: 100 million transactions processed in the three years since it launched. Now working with over 100 operators, including several of the biggest players in the UK, our move into Europe is a key focus for 2020. Several projects are already in the pipeline, including contactless EMV deployments in Porto.

Our multi-operator fare capping solution won a Highly Commended award for ‘Ticketing Technology of the Year’ at the Transport Ticketing Awards 2020. 

Facilitating multi-operator and multi-modal ticketing schemes, it makes it possible to apply fare caps over existing fare structures. Smoother travel using multiple services and better value fares are strong motivations to ride, not drive.