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Switchio® is a ready-made, robust software platform for secure payment processing. It offers a white-label payment solution for your industry and is ready for public transport operators, authorities, large retail chains, banks, and associations.

Switchio Transport is a platform for ticketless travel using an open-loop bank card or smartcard. Switchio Transport is available as an off-the-shelf product that is seamlessly connected. It ensures interoperability with third-party solutions and expansion of the transit system by supporting different payment terminals and vendors. Switchio supports customized offerings to passengers based on various criteria as well as integration with third-party mobile applications to increase the viability of the entire solution.

Modular solutions, that we deliver all around the world, provide quick and effortless EMV banking card payments in transport. We expedite check-in and improve mobility while providing input data for the further development of smart cities.

Smart cities payment products consist of our Switchio platform modules. The platform has a secure payment switch at its core, offering a quick connection to any acquirer and integration to any payment terminal, resulting in ultimate independence. 

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