Q&A with Intelligent Transport Conference’s Jenny Milne

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Ahead of 2018’s Intelligent Transport Conference on 1-2 November, we asked Jenny Milne, Director, JLM – also one of the Conference’s chairs and presenters – what she’s most looking forward to about this year’s event.


What can delegates expect to learn from your session(s) at this year’s Intelligent Transport Conference?

I am of course looking forward to chairing a session, but also presenting on rural MaaS. The issue of rural transport has, over the last year, improved, and discussions and workshops on the subject have taken place. As I’m known for doing presentations slightly differently, I will indeed be asking some big questions and challenging the thought process. Having taken on a PhD on the subject there is a lot to share!

What would you say has been the biggest step forward in transport technology in recent years?

The move towards collaboration and the desire to work in partnership, be that suppliers or communities, is the biggest step in my opinion. This means projects have become more relevant and technology more applicable.

In your opinion, which public transport organisations do you think are doing the best work to modernise transport?

As more and more councils, suppliers and communities are working together I don’t think there is one public transport organisation that you can highlight. It also depends what you mean by modernise because what is ‘modern’ on an urban bus service may not be the same in a rural context. I’m always one to play devils advocate!

What challenges do you think the public transport sector will face in the future concerning how transport technology is utilised?

Aside from the obvious of data availability and IPR, it is the availability of communication infrastructure but also customer expectations that will be the challenge.

Looking at the Conference’s programme, who among your fellow speakers are you most interested to hear from and why?

Anyone who has something new to say and provides inspiration!


Very much an ‘out of the box’ thinker, Jenny Milne is strategic and visionary, and known for facilitating innovation and delivering on projects. Having spent over 15 years in the ITS and technology field, Milne is currently involved with a project in the rural economy in Scotland which originated from her first hand experiences and is now a focused trial for Mobility-as-a-Service. 

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