Transport Accessibility supplement 2016

Posted: 25 February 2016 | | No comments yet

In our first-ever Accessibility Supplement, Dora Ramazzotti at SRM gives an overview of how accessible Bologna’s public transport network is, and Ezio Castagna from CTM explains how Cagliari is investing in vehicles and infrastructure to enhance accessibility. Plus Gunta Anca from the EDF says that the industry must do more as a whole to achieve accessibility for all…

  • Accessibility in Bologna
    Bologna is the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy, where those responsible for public transport are committed to making changes so that services are accessible for all. Dora Ramazzotti, General Affairs Manager at SRM (the public transport authority of Bologna) and Andrea Bottazzi, Rolling Stock Manager at TPER (the public transport operator of the Emilia-Romagna Region) explain more.
  • Strengthening accessibility in Cagliari
    Cagliari, a city of approximately 150,000 inhabitants, is the regional capital of the Italian island of Sardinia, as well as the main centre of a vast metropolitan area. In order to enhance the accessibility of the city’s public transport network, CTM SpA is implementing a strategy to invest in new bus fleets and improve infrastructure. For Intelligent Transport, CTM’s Roberto Murra (President), Ezio Castagna (CEO) and Proto Tilocca (Senior Manager), expand on the guidelines the company is following to achieve its accessibility goals.
  • Making accessibility the norm, not the exception
    One of the major obstacles that persons with disabilities still face today is accessing public transport. Although some cities have already become good reference studies by showing how networks can be made accessible for all, Gunta Anca – Vice-President of the European Disability Forum (EDF) and Chair of their Expert Group on Transport – points out that a lot more still needs to be achieved to make accessible city public transport a true reality.

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