Advantages of a yard management system

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Find out more from Endava about the importance of every aspect of procuring, moving and handling cargo operating at peak efficiency in order to keep things running smoothly.

Advantages of a yard management system

This Transportation & Logistics (T&L) Insights series is based on research by Levvel, who joined the Endava family in 2021. The team surveyed over 500 U.S.-based companies who procure transportation and logistics services internally and externally to get their views on their challenges, needs and use of digital technology solutions.

While companies often perceive technological innovation to mean things like high-end robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and fully autonomous vehicles, there are many elements in the supply chain that can be modernised without requiring great effort or cost, while still providing the competitive edge that T&L companies are looking for. In this series, we will present current industry challenges and how digital technology can help to reduce friction, enhance efficiency and provide a better experience for businesses and their customers.

Reliance on legacy systems

With today’s continuing supply chain challenges, every aspect of procuring, moving and handling cargo must operate at peak efficiency to keep things running smoothly.

Levvel’s survey found that, despite technology being available, many companies continue to rely on legacy systems and manual processes to convey vital information. For example, around 40 per cent of businesses continue to rely on paper, a phone call or a dock manager to lead the driver to a specific unloading dock.

These legacy systems may work for the smallest companies, but for anyone running a mid- to large-size operation, it’s simply not productive. The inefficiencies can create backlogs and increase driver detention and wait times, which can increase costs. With today’s labour shortage, many freight carriers are charging additional accessorial fees for detention and dwell time to avoid trucks sitting on site.

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