Ticketing supplement 2013

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ITSO-compliant ticketing takes another step forward
New vehicles and ticketing technology enhance bus transport in Coventry
Giving passengers what they want
The CNA – proud to be the frontrunning initiator

  • ITSO-compliant ticketing takes another step forward
    Author: Lindsay Robertson, Chief Executive Officer, ITSO Ltd
    October 2013 saw a major leap forward for smart ticketing on England’s railways. In the UK, on the 21 October 2013, newly-appointed Transport Minister Baroness Kramer helped Southern Railway mark a first with the launch of ITSO-compliant ticketing valid at London railway stations. And only 10 days later, the Department for Transport (DfT) announced it was investing some £3 million with South West Trains so it could upgrade its ITSO smart technology as part of the South East Flexible Ticketing (SEFT) project. Smart ticketing on rail has long been seen as a major component in realising the full potential of the national ITSO standard which aims to have a common national IT specification so that smartcards can be programmed to load tickets for different modes of transport from different operators…
  • New vehicles and ticketing technology enhance bus transport in Coventry
    Bus passengers in Coventry, UK, are to benefit from a fleet of 33 brand new buses and a new smartcard called Swift. The investment is part of a ground-breaking deal known as ‘Partnership Plus’ between National Express Coventry and transport authority Centro…
  • Giving passengers what they want
    Author: Erik Kolbjørnsen, Head of Electronic Ticketing, Ruter As
    Public transport users in Oslo and Akershus in Norway can use Ruter’s ticketing app RuterBillett to buy tickets before boarding vehicles. Accessible via iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone, the tickets are valid on metro, bus, tram, ferry and train services operating in the Oslo and Akershus area. In figures recorded in mid- October 2013, one in five customers are using Ruter’s ticketing app to buy their tickets…
  • The CNA – proud to be the frontrunning initiator
    Author: Philippe Vappereau, Chairman, Calypso Networks Association
    From the early days of electronic ticketing, Calypso technology has contributed to many significant developments in this domain. Since its beginning, Calypso is a specification for smart ticketing schemes that is fully based on open international standards and free from all industrial monopoly and influence. Consequently, after years of being a major trendsetter of smart ticketing, the technology stands today as a front-running specification in the field. With approximately 100 million smart microprocessor cards and 260,000 terminals in operation around the world, you can find Calypso technology deployed in large transit systems like Montreal, Lisbon, Paris and Algiers…

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