Intelligent Transport Podcast Episode 14 – Andy Monshaw, Ticketer Group

On the latest episode of the Intelligent Transport Podcast, we’re joined by Ticketer Group CEO Andy Monshaw for a conversation on all things data in public transport.

We kick things off by asking what exactly the industry means when it talks about data, and the importance of clarifying what type of data is being discussed and through what kind of lens. There’s detail from Andy on how operators and authorities can use data to deliver better value for customers, plus its role in improving operational efficiency and how it can be utilised to aid better decision making.

A significant portion of the rhetoric around data management is about openness and sharing – something that the industry is yet to get to grips with more broadly. Here, Andy explains Ticketer Group’s efforts to enable a central data repository for the public transport sector in order to facilitate operators in garnering better insights from their data without needing to be data scientists, and what that means for the future of the industry and its recovery from the pandemic.

We also ask what comes next for Ticketer Group in its journey, whether Andy believes the industry is ready to be more open, make progress and be more innovative, and plenty more besides.

Find out more about Ticketer Group at www.ticketer.com

Read more about their partnership with Via at www.ticketer.com/en/press-article/ticketer-announce-exciting-partnership-with-via-to-integrate-drt/

Our conversation with Andy was recorded in June 2021.