Intelligent Transport Podcast Episode 11 – Dani Simons, Waze

Intelligent Transport catches up with Dani Simons, Head of Public Sector Partnerships at Waze, to talk mobility in the pandemic and our responsibility in making roads and streets better.

On this episode, Intelligent Transport Editor Luke Antoniou is joined by Dani Simons, Head of Public Sector Partnerships at Waze, to talk COVID-19 response and a more balanced future for urban mobility.

To start with, Dani explains the importance of Waze being a community-based app when it came to responding to the outbreak, and data accuracy is ensured with community editors. Given the importance of relevent and up-to-date information during the pandemic, there’s also discussion on the importance of getting in-app messaging right and the potential for personalised data services in wayfinding in this type of scenario.

Aside from COVID-19, Dani also tells us how Waze is seeking to strike the balance between being a sat-nav wayfinding app while still supporting cities in their wider policy goals – for example, reassessing the use of urban space and combatting climate change. Dani explains how important it is to get this approach right as the industry moves forward, not least because of the way the pandemic as somewhat redressed the balance between people in cars and people using bikes and other forms of active travel. How do we ensure at this stage we do not undo the progress that has been made in the last six or seven months?

All this – and more – in our conversation with Waze’s Dani Simons.


Dani Simons, Head of Public Sector Partnerships, WazeDani Simons currently serves as the Head of Public Sector Partnerships at Waze, helping accelerate the growth of Waze Carpool and other Waze programs as part of sustainable and equitable mobility.

She previously served as the Global Head of Communications for Motivate, a global leader in bike-share, and was part of the launch team for Citi Bike, the largest and most successful bike-share programme in the western world. Prior to joining Motivate, Dani was the Director of Strategic Communications for the New York City Department of Transportation under Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan. She started New York’s Summer Streets programme, inspired by Bogota’s Ciclovia, which closes over seven miles of city streets to auto traffic and opens them up to tens of thousands of people to walk, bike and play for three Saturdays each August.

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