Reconnecting rural areas with on-demand transport

Posted: 26 May 2021 | | No comments yet

Find out how five rural territories in France and Germany launched their successful demand-responsive transport networks.

Transport provision for rural areas in the UK has shrunk over the past half century. The challenges of rural mobility are those of smaller populations, distributed unevenly over greater areas and generally connected by lower capacity and less reliable networks.

  • Forty-three per cent of people living in rural England live more than an hour away from a hospital by public transport
  • Forty-seven per cent of people living in rural England live more than 30 minutes away from a town centre by public transport
  • People in rural areas travel more kilometres per year than people living in urban areas

Download Padam Mobility’s new Business Case and find out how five territories committed to improving the mobility and passenger experience of their population while optimising the performance of their DRT and paratransit offers.

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