Made to measure: How smart ticketing solutions and tailored travel suggestions enhance the passenger experience

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17 September 2020

Supported by:

17 September 2020

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Putting your passengers and their needs at the heart of your business decisions has been a success factor even before corona hit. Now, it has become vital: The pandemic had a significant impact on people’s mobility habits. As people are still hesitant about returning to public transport, the industry needs to regain confidence in the safety of their services. Therefore it’s crucial to learn what makes passengers feel safe before, during and after their trip. We’ll explain how data analytics will help with this and why providing a smart, digital travel companion is a good idea. Another challenge is to understand, how and why travel patterns are changing and finding matching solutions and incentives to make public transport attractive again. Smoother, more flexible (and even safer) ticketing-solutions such as XiXo and digital tariff innovations should be part of this consideration! Why? Watch us on the webinar!


• Mobility patterns have changed tremendously – learn from your passengers’ behaviour and adjust your business accordingly
• A reliable travel companion has never been more crucial than now to handle the uncertainty among passengers
• State of the art ticketing solutions support transport agencies in providing flexible tariffs, which is an essential factor in maintaining customer retention.


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    Steven Ahlig, Vice President Innovations Mobility Management at Siemens Mobility

    Steven AhligSteven Ahlig is heading business development at Intermodal Solutions at Siemens Mobility. Three years ago, HaCon, a software company providing cutting-edge digital solutions for public transportation, mobility and logistics, became a 100% subsidiary of Siemens. With that acquisition, Steven became Executive Director at HaCon.
    He is a member of the Siemens family for nearly twenty years now and has started his career in Consultancy in 2001. His background includes data analytics, IT for travelers and transport operators, ticketing and R&D in general. Steven holds a PhD in physics.

    Mathias Hueske, CEO at eos.uptrade 

    Mathias HüskeAs Managing Director, Mathias Hueske is responsible for the Sales and Business development of eos.uptrade, an award-winning software company specialised in innovative ticketing and mobility solutions for public transport providers. The ticketing specialist is based in Hamburg, Germany and part of the Siemens Mobility family (incl. HaCon, eos.uptrade, Bytemark and more). Additionally, Mathias Hueske is responsible for the management and further development of Siemens Mobility’s Ticketing and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions.
    Previously he successfully managed and developed numerous business areas at Deutsche Bahn AG, including Marketing and Sales.


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