Australian inner city councils sign MoU with JUMP e-bikes

Posted: 7 February 2020 |

Commencing in March 2020, the one-year trial will be Melbourne’s first ever dockless e-bike share scheme.

Australian inner city councils sign MoU with Jump e-bikes

The City of Melbourne, the City of Yarra and the City of Port Phillip have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with JUMP by Uber to operate a dockless e-bike share scheme.

Commencing in March 2020, JUMP e-bikes aim to offer a new transport solution through the Uber app that provides an alternative to the personally owned car. Around 400 e-bikes will be introduced to the City of Melbourne, followed by e-bikes rolling out in Yarra and Port Phillip, with more to be deployed as the one-year trial progresses.

JUMP e-bikes will be serviced and maintained by Good Cycles, a Melbourne-based social enterprise that works with young people aged 18-24 experiencing disadvantage.

The joint MoU outlines how JUMP e-bikes should be parked and maintained, to ensure footpaths remain clear and that e-bikes are available in high demand locations for users. The MoU also includes resolution timeframes for damaged or discarded e-bikes which need to be met. 

As is the case with all bike riders, e-bike users are required to behave in accordance with Australian road rules, to wear helmets at all times, ride safely and respect the bikes and other road users.   

City of Melbourne Lord Mayor, Sally Capp, said: “We are excited that Melburnians will have a new share bicycle scheme to use throughout Melbourne. Importantly, this agreement doesn’t stop at council boundaries, which will make it easier and more convenient for locals and visitors to explore inner Melbourne on an e-bike. Share bike schemes are widely used around the world without the anti-social behaviour experienced previously in Melbourne. We believe locals and visitors will work with JUMP and our councils to make this a success.”

Henry Greenacre, JUMP General Manager, added: “Electric bikes have a motor that provides an extra boost above and beyond a normal bike. Helmets will be provided alongside Jump’s distinctive red electric bikes and users will get in-app instructions about how to safely use and park the e-bikes. The e-bikes also have built in cable locks which mean they can be safely secured to bike infrastructure.

“We are excited to work with the City of Melbourne, the City of Port Phillip and the City of Yarra to provide a new way to help people move around the city that is sustainable, safe, efficient, affordable and reduces congestion.”