New fare scheme increases demand of regular tickets on Barcelona metro

Posted: 13 January 2020 |

After the launch of a new fare scheme, demand for personalised ticket types on the Barcelona metro have almost doubled compared to the same period in 2019.

New fare scheme increases demand of ticket types on Barcelona metro

One week after a new fare scheme for the integrated public transport system in the Barcelona region launched – which lowers prices for regular users and young people – demand for the new T-usual ticket has reportedly doubled (101 percent) from comparable instalments in the same period in 2019.

According to provisional data, of the 420,500 season tickets and cards dispensed in the TMB metro network between 1 January and 7 January 2020, 27 per cent were T-usual personalised tickets, valid for an unlimited number of trips in 30 days. 

The T-young, the quarterly personalised title that costs €80 for a zone (105 euros in 2019), has also increased: in seven days they have been sold more than twice the amount (103 percent) compared to the same dates in 2019.

Cards for less frequent users of public transport have been less requested than a year ago: T-casual, a one-person ticket for 10 trips, which has fallen 25 per cent from the same 2019 period, although still represents 63 per cent of the total units purchased.