London sees installation of its first 150kW ultra-fast charging hub

Posted: 14 October 2019 |

BP Chargemaster is rolling out 150kW ultra-fast rapid charging units with new units installed at a BP retail site in Hammersmith, London.

London receives first ultra-fast charging hub

BP Chargemaster has continued the roll out of its new 150kW ultra-fast charging units with new units installed at a BP retail site in London – the first of their kind in the English capital. 

Made up of four 150kW chargers, the new electric vehicle charging site is part of a nationwide roll out by BP Chargemaster.

As the number of electric vehicles continues to grow in the UK and more manufacturers introduce next generation EVs with larger battery capacity, fast charging times and easier accessibility, the roll out of an ultra-fast charging network aims to drive the growing adoption of EVs. Offering convenient and reliable ultra-fast charging to drivers across the country is said to be essential in supporting this uptake, particularly in urban centres.

BP Chargemaster launched their first ultra-fast charging site in August 2019 with the first two units installed in Cranford, Hounslow. Four-hundred further chargers are set to be installed across the UK, with the first two ultra-fast units having been installed in Hounslow earlier in 2019.

The new units are accessible through Polar, the UK’s largest public electric vehicle charging network, and will offer rapid charging of up to 150kW with CHAdeMO and CCS connectors. All four of the London units are currently available on Free Vend for a limited time.

BP is looking to develop the UK’s largest network of ultra-fast charging units, and last year acquired the Chargemaster network as it doubled down on predictions that renewable energy will become the fastest-growing fuel source.