ViriCiti to officially launch “Mixed Fleet” platform at Busworld 2019

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Telematics company ViriCiti to launch world’s first “Mixed Fleet” platform that integrates with all vehicle types and chargers.

This October, ViriCiti is launching its Mixed Fleet integration with QBuzz Netherlands. Their fleet consists of 430 buses: diesel, electric, and hydrogen – that run in Groningen and Drenthe, the most extensive concession of The Netherlands[1].

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Since its inception in 2012, ViriCiti has been exclusively focused on monitoring electric buses and trucks. Now, the company is market leader in electric bus monitoring in both Europe and North America. By making their platform available for non-electric vehicles, all propulsion types, and charging stations, the company aims to make the transition to electric transport operations easier. During Busworld 2019, ViriCiti will officially launch their “Mixed Fleet” platform.

The first all-in-one provider

ViriCiti is the first telematics provider that offers a true all-in-one solution. Unlike telematics services provided bus manufacturers and third parties, ViriCiti is the only company that integrates diesel, hybrid, hydrogen, and electric vehicle technologies from different manufacturers and their charging infrastructure in one platform.

This is valuable for operators as larger fleets can easily include vehicles from 6 different manufacturers. QBuzz alone works with diesel and electric, which accounts for 8 different manufacturers: 6 for their buses and 2 for the chargers[2]. Using separate systems for each vehicle type and technology will make operation processes considerably more complicated for the dispatch and transport control teams.

Mixed fleet implementation: 430 vehicles

Starting this October, the complete QBuzz fleet will be equipped with the ViriCiti system. In total, 430 new buses will be integrated into the same platform together with their charging infrastructure; depot and on-route charge stations. Last December, QBuzz won the concession Groningen-Drenthe that is the largest and most expensive tendered concession of The Netherlands.

Facilitating the electric transition

Although bus operators and transit agencies are rapidly expanding their electric fleets, in Europe alone, 80% of fleets are still powered by diesel[3]. As bus manufacturers deliver their own monitoring systems, this leaves dispatchers in the control center with multiple systems and screens. By offering one solution, ViriCiti aims to make the transition from exhaust vehicles to zero-emission vehicles easier.   

“We have been working with the ViriCiti system for quite some time now. With their Mixed Fleet solution, we now have a complete overview of our entire fleet – in one dashboard. We believe this has the potential to really accelerate our transition to a fully zero-emissions fleet.”

Gerrit Spijksma – CEO QBuzz

 “We have seen the growing importance of having one platform, one data-standard, and one screen to monitor. To support operators that are transitioning their fleet into electric, we made our platform available for all vehicles and chargers. This provides them with insights in their full operations and allows them to prepare for a future change of vehicles’.

– Freek Dielissen, CEO ViriCiti.

About ViriCiti

ViriCiti started in 2012 with a focus on electric buses and trucks and is now market leader in the United States and Europe. The company aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by offering an all-in-one solution for full-electric as well as mixed fleets. Last January, they raised €6.25 million to expand their focus on the North American market and now serve 200 operators worldwide.

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