Berlin launches the world’s largest MaaS solution

Posted: 25 September 2019 |

The Jelbi app will include 12 types of public transport and shared mobility services for travelling in Berlin.

Berlin launches the world’s largest MaaS solution

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) has officially launched Jelbi, the largest Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solution in the world, in partnership with mobility platform Trafi.

The mobility service is exiting the beta phase started in June 2019 and will cover all different types of transportation in Berlin.

Jelbi is the first mobility service to combine this amount of integrated transportation providers. Initially, it will include 12 types of transport, representing each possible way of moving around the city, in a bid to reduce the use of single occupancy vehicles. Using Jelbi, users can access trams, trains, ferries, the metro, and shared mobility options such as bikes, e-kick scooters, e-scooters, shuttles, car-sharing, and taxis.

ViaVan’s BerlKönig shuttles and Tier’s e-kick scooters have also joined the Jelbi app, with Taxi Berlin set to follow in the weeks to come. They will coincide with the already existing partners in the form of Emmy, Miles Mobility, Nextbike, Deutsche Bahn (S-Bahn) and BVG’s full public transportation network.  

The integrated mobility network is combined with real-time routing, designed to make it easy to plan, choose and pay for a journey. The user is shown the complete set of prices and timings transparently, and can store tickets in one central location.  

“Berlin is a great first step to showcase what technology can do for transportation, but we are not stopping there. Later this year, we are adding even more cities and countries to our portfolio. We provide software that helps urban areas to manage and improve holistic mobility networks – by themselves, for their citizens and in real-time,” said Martynas Gudonavičius, CEO and Co-Founder at Trafi.