Waymo self-driving car service trials free Wi-Fi for riders

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Waymo is looking to distinguish itself from its competitors by trialling services such as free Wi-Fi and music streaming for its riders.


Source: Waymo

The self-driving car service, Waymo, is testing providing services such as free Wi-Fi for its riders.

Also being trialled is the use of music streaming, with riders able to access ad-free tunes, for free, through Google Play Music. There is a choice of eight playlists, selected on seatback touchscreens, according to Reuters. Riders also have the ability to link their Waymo and Google Play Music accounts to listen to their own playlists.

The use of Wi-Fi is being trialled by a small, select group of users, who are feeding back directly to Waymo about their experience.

Waymo also envisions this use of Wi-Fi appealing to business travellers wishing to work on their laptops and check their emails during longer trips (once the company offers greater distance journeys).

Looking for ways to distinguish its service in the autonomous market, Waymo is looking at a range of initiatives to help increase, and maintain, their number of regular customers.

Child car seats are being placed in every vehicle, helping to make travel more adaptable for families. For passenger comfort against the heat, air conditioning is being set to a constant 22°C (72°F) at every vehicle in the fleet. Charging points will also be available for passengers to recharge their phone, tablet or laptop while they travel.

Waymo One, Waymo’s robo-taxi service, launched in Phoenix, Arizona on 5 December 2018. The service markets itself as one based on consistency; a certain standard. When travellers book the service through the Waymo app they can be certain that the same model and design of minivan (Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid) will collect them, that the level of service they experience will be the same every journey. For the unsociable, or perhaps just those wishing to concentrate on their devices, Waymo drivers, although present in case of an emergency, do not speak to the passenger at any point in the journey.

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