Citymapper announces subscription pass for mobility in London

Posted: 22 February 2019 | | No comments yet

The belief that ease of ticketing is essential for public transport to compete with private players has led to Citymapper’s subscription pass.


Citymapper have introduced Citymapper Pass: a subscription to mobility in London through a smart travelcard that is integrated with its multimodal mobility app.

The scheme will be launched with a bundle including public transport, cycles and taxis.

The subscription travelcard will relieve customers from the stress of queuing, having to ‘top up’, working out which fare is the correct one and struggling with over-complicated technology.

New partners are being continuously added to ensure users have comprehensive choices. Citymapper has added functionalities like routing to help users find partners for specific journeys where they are best suited, and can suggest the best partners and offers to users based on their geography and needs.

The idea of the subscription is that it will gather everything together for the user, reduce hassle and minimise cost.

Launching in London, in March/April 2019, the pass will initially cover public transport, Santander’s docked scheme and taxis (the Citymapper Ride service). Gradually other modes and partners will be added, such as additional cycle and taxi services, car-sharing and scooters.

The pass will integrate with Apple Pay and Google Pay so users can decide to use them as virtual cards also.

“The idea is to make public transport effortless. The way our app makes it easy to plan, we want to make it easy to pay,” said CEO and Founder of Citymapper, Azmat Yusuf. “We’re trying to create a vision of this future where mobility is something where, as a user, you care about getting from point A to point B. We want to make it so it’s a bit like a utility, you can access whatever comes along.”

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