Mobile ticketing app is redesigned and improved for Herts buses

Posted: 29 January 2019 | | No comments yet

The app upgrade will include whole-journey services with real-time information, m-ticket purchasing and data-driven customer engagement marketing.


Natalie Lightman, Corethree Senior Account Manager (left), with Matt Lale, Passenger Transport Manager at Hertfordshire County Council (right)

Intalink, the Hertfordshire County Council organisation responsible for managing the partnership between public transport services in Hertfordshire and local authorities, has collaborated with Corethree for the redesign of its mobile ticketing option.

As part of its remit to provide a range of support services and products for Herts bus companies, the m-ticket service will be upgraded and developed to be more reliable and secure; improving the customer’s travel experience.

Users will be able to select the desired operator from the mobile home screen, check when the bus is expected to arrive using reliable real-time GPS data and purchase a ticket in one transaction through the app. Development is on track to be completed in the summer of 2019 and Intalink is expecting more Hertfordshire operators to sign up for the app.

“Our aim is to give bus operators as many options as possible to provide the best journey experience for their customers,” said Matthew Lale, Passenger Transport Manager at Hertfordshire County Council. “When operators know how their customers are using their services, they will be better positioned to make improvements as well as take advantage of targeted mobile marketing opportunities.”

For the Hertfordshire bus operators, the benefits of the Intalink m-ticketing app include protection of revenue through fraud prevention with ticket sharing and duplication made impossible, unlike web-based solutions where URLs can be shared and printed e-tickets photocopied.

The m-ticket option will also enable operators to offer their customers a cashless alternative, removing the need to carry the correct change, top up payment cards or worry about losing travel passes.

Corethree’s data aggregation and manipulation capability means the Hertfordshire transport operators will be able to generate additional revenue from the development of individually tailored products based on data insights that add value for ticket holders. For example, with visibility into passenger behaviour and the complete ticket transaction, operators will be able to offer voucher promotions with retailers and services in the town an individual passenger is travelling to, helping to drive commerce back to the high street.

Ashley Murdoch, CEO of Corethree, said: “Bus operators in Hertfordshire know their business is all about how fast tickets sell, enabling fast boarding and alighting, and managing queues. M-tickets help with all these pain points and in addition provide unrivalled visibility into the entire lifecycle of each ticket. This means the app is a secure and direct communications channel to customers, enabling Intalink’s bus operators to promote awareness of their own services and updates as well as benefit from additional sales through data-driven mobile marketing.”