MaaS platform for businesses launches with funding of £5 million

Posted: 18 October 2018 | | 1 comment

Following a successful rollout in the UK, Mobilleo hopes to expand operations to France, Belgium, Holland, Spain and Germany.


MaaS platform for businesses, has launched on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store

Following three years of intensive research and development, Mobilleo, a Mobility-as-a-Service platform for businesses, has launched on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store with a £5 million investment by Business Growth Fund (BGF).

The technology is led by Justin Whitston, CEO of Fleetondemand, who previously founded Nexus Vehicle Rental in 2000.

Mobilleo uses data partnerships and access to travel provider APIs to integrate thousands of public and private transportation providers into a single, configurable platform, allowing SMEs and corporate businesses to find, book and pay for their entire business journey on one device.

Whitston said: “Our technology will disrupt the entire business travel sector, following in the footsteps of other revolutionary tech businesses like Airbnb, Uber and Skyscanner. The technology can be configured for different mobility use cases from SMEs wishing to save costs by consolidating travel booking and spending, to a large corporate whose mobility objectives include alternatives to company cars, or to drive total cost of mobility intelligence.

“We are incredibly excited about the future development roadmap and look forward to expanding into Europe and beyond.”

MaaS continues to be a growing industry with mobility start-ups pocketing an estimated $28 billion from investors in 2017. Whilst there have been many entrants for consumer users, the team behind Mobilleo believe there has been little development in MaaS solutions specifically for businesses.

One response to “MaaS platform for businesses launches with funding of £5 million”

  1. Gady Shlasky says:

    Very interesting.

    MaaS is the future of transportation in general and public transportation in particular.

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