Electric pedal-assist bikes roll their way to Barcelona

Posted: 26 September 2018 | | No comments yet

Hybrid electric bike-sharing system, the bikes are easy to ride across longer distances, up steeper hills and against stronger headwinds.


PBSC Urban Solutions, a provider of sustainable urban mobility solutions, has implemented electric pedal-assist bikes in Barcelona. 

Overall, there is to be a total of 7,000 bikes, including 1,000 pedal-assist boost e-bikes, all expected to be in operation in 2019 across the city’s 10 districts.

In both the planning and development stages, the bike company will be working in close collaboration with Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, B:SM, the organisation responsible for the city’s bike-sharing system as mandated by the City of Barcelona. 

Luc Sabbatini, CEO, PBSC Urban Solutions said: “We are extremely excited to bring both our boost and iconic bikes, as well as our latest hybrid bike-sharing technology to Barcelona, thus contributing to the city’s reputation as a capital of innovation.”

Each bike has a high-capacity battery integrated in the aluminium bike frame with an autonomy range of more than 60km. The single-speed and rear propulsion motor adjusts to provide each rider with assistance tailored to their needs.

The patented docking stations act as responsive power hubs, ensuring bikes are always charged and ready to go. The mobile application provides a user-friendly interface that allows riders to customise their experience by setting their assistance threshold and logging their user preferences for automatic configuration. 

The smart docking stations of the bikes allow for flexibility, performance and safety. The smart stations continuously monitor and report on bike health, battery charge, diagnostic information and riding data. Smart hybrid stations can also accommodate both the iconic and boost electric pedal-assist bikes with smart technology that recognises and charges the e-bikes as needed.

Unlike other electric pedal assist suppliers, PBSC has developed a system that does not require any manual recharging or swapping of batteries. It is a simple dock, charge and play approach that guarantees increased efficiency and availability. With a single connection point per station, getting power from the grid is simple for cities, and keeps installation costs to a minimum. 

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